Essential Facts to Know Before Buying Tungsten Jewelry for Wedding

The word ‘Tungsten’ came from the mix of Swedish and Danish language which means ‘heavy stone’. The present name of this particular element is Wolfram. The metal was originally found by Peter Woulfe in the year 1779, who discovered the metal wolframite. Like the Gold, silver and the platinum, Tungsten is also known among the heavy elements. It has the highest meting point around 6700 degrees and known to be the hardest metal in the world.

Manufacturing Process: During the manufacturing of the jewellery, the carbon and the other essential elements along with the Tungsten are grounded to powder and compressed with high heat. The pressure then creates a blank ring like structure. The blank structure is then put under flames in the oxygen free furnace at around 6200 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire process is called sintering which helps in the creation of the hardest alloy for making the jewelry. The blank ring is then cut and shaped with the diamond tools. The cutting and the shaping process is divided into 40 separate steps for the completion. The process is somewhat similar to the cutting, shaping and the polishing process of rough diamonds. The inlay rings are processed with precious metals like gold or silver through a step known as the swedging. This process can help to create a channel under extreme pressure.Tungsten rings

Custom Engraving Process: Custom engraving is also possible in the wedding rings if you want. Through the laser etching system, you can easily customize the engraving in the ring. You can select the product in your system and choose the option ‘Add Laser Engraving’. You can type your customized message in the text box and wait for the message to appear. If you are confused about the process, just go through 2015 guide on tungsten wedding rings. You should check the spelling, punctuation, capitalization before finalizing the message. After that you should go for the confirm button for placing your order.

Why Tungsten Better Than Titanium? You should always know the purpose of buying Tungsten over Titanium. In the last few years, the Tungsten and Titanium are getting popular in the men’s jewelry section. But the Titanium can never give the mirror like polished look of Tungsten. The Tungsten jewelry remains 4 times stronger than the Titanium ones. Therefore the durability can also be considered as an important factor. The Titanium jewelry is not scratch proof and gets easily bent under any outer pressure. As the Titanium possesses very light weight, you will not be able to feel the weight just like any other precious metals. The manufacturing process of the Titanium jewelry is completely industrial and does not require any man hours. Whereas the Tungsten jewelry are made out of 40 separate process with intensive labor hours and the designs are made with special care. The longevity of the jewelry conveys the meaning of commitment in a long term relationship.

Beware of Cobalt: When you have decided to buy Tungsten Jewelry, you should be aware of Cobalts. When the Tungsten carbide comes with Cobalt as one of the ingredients, it may be harmful for your skin. The jewelry also loses its scratch proof nature when it comes combined with the cobalt. So, before finally buying your Tungsten rings, you should make sure that the manufacturer have not mixed the Cobalt elements in your rings.

A real Tungsten carbide ring will last forever and will remain scratch proof. You are just required to make sure that your jewelry is cobalt free. Though primarily used in the mechanical industry, Tungsten is gradually gaining its popularity in the jewelry section day by day.

About the Author: Thomas Albert is a well-known jewelry designer. In this article, he is sharing some essential facts about the Tungsten wedding rings.

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