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Youth Participation in Elections

India being the largest democracy, the people get to choose whom they want governance from. Through the process of voting, they express their likes and dislikes. In this methodology, the whole of the Indian population above 18 years of age,

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The Yellow Vest Protest

17th November, the day marked the beginning of the protest set to wake up the sleeping presidency of France. Tens of thousands of citizens wearing fluorescent yellow road safety vests, took to the streets to express their discontent with the


Encouraging Excellence – Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at MAHE

MAHE played host to the European Union’s Ambassador to India, His Excellency Mr Tomasz Kozlowski as a part of its #EUDay Celebrations. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence was also inaugurated and an interaction with the CBHE Delegates, the Press, and the Students followed with great emphasis on Educational, Economic, and Socio Cultural Exchange between India and the European Union Member States in the two day affair.

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Blood On My Plate

A bunch of friends arrive at your apartment late in the evening and the mood turns into a pizza-for-dinner one. Feeling happy that Swiggy and Zomato are in your happening town of Manipal you log into the app and place