Prisoners of an Idiotic Polic (e) y

Are they hostels or is it a jail now?

“Student suspended for possession of banned substances” “Student suspended after detection of banned substances in his Urine sample”  “Student suspended for coming late to hostel” These are some of the notices that I have seen in the past week. Now


Manipal Snake Watch

(NOTE: Snakes, as such are dangerous and volatile creatures, and without prior or complete knowledge of what one is attempting – do NOT try to handle them. Some are poisonous and not all individuals of the same species are as

Messy Hostel room

Riots in 10th Block

The sessionals in MIT arrive like a shower of unexpected, unwelcome rains, sending anyone without an umbrella into his/her hostel room, where a 3-4 day process of crafting a make-do umbrella begins.  On the night of 8th September, day two

Morons of the Night

Night Owls in town

I was going to call it the Night Owls in Manipal but figured this would work everywhere.  This is for those people like me at this point who have to  deal with obnoxious neighbors in the building who haven’t got