Know Your Artists : Sunburn Campus : Manipal 2019

The EDM fever is gripping Manipal as Sunburn Campus returns to Manipal, this time featuring Shaan, the Hard Candies, and Gaurav Mehta, with R99 opening for the Headliners!

Grab your tickets to this Saturday’s Music Festival and be part of one of the most historic events in Manipal! Tickets available at Barista (Canara Mall) Dollops (Tiger Circle) Secret Recipe (Student Plaza, MIT) Crave Bakers (End Point Road) Hangyo CTF and on calling the Volunteer Team at 9480074473


DaanUtsav – Celebrating the Joy of Giving

DaanUtsav, the nationwide festival of giving is celebrating it’s 10th year in 2018 with the festival having come a long way in the decade touching millions of lives and changing them for the better. It has also played a huge part in bringing people from different walks of life together. One such story is Shreyanshi’s.