Android 3 Honeycomb – The Most Important Highlights

The Android platform simply revolutionized the gadget industry. Its introduction of unseen features into the market endeared it to users within a very short time. Over the past two or so years, the finest smartphones in the market have all embraced this platform. The latest version in this amazing franchise is the Android 3 Honeycomb. As the Android 3 highlights show, it brings even more exciting features for both users and developers. It was specifically designed for use on the larger screens that are characteristic of hand-held tablets. The Motorola ZOOM was the first tablet to take advantage of Android 3 highlights, since its release in February 2011.

New Features For Users

The most sought after Android 3 highlights are definitely those that concern users. After experiencing the sublime past versions, many users are eager to find out what the new Android platform has for them. If you are in this category, you can be sure that you aren’t in for a disappointment. The new version improves on its near perfect predecessors in the below areas:

Totally new UI design

It has become common for tablets to draw parallels with related gadgets in terms design. However, Android 3 highlights show that the platform has been made specifically for the larger screens of tablets. This interface builds on what everyone loves about Android: rich notifications, refined multitasking, home screen customizations and use of widgets. Add a 3D experience to all these and guess what you are in for.

Improved text manipulation

This new platform offers users more control when it comes to selecting, copying and pasting texts. The new interface allows you to select text faster by use of bounding arrows. You can then select the desired action from the action bar.

More connectivity options

Android 3 highlights show that the new platform takes connectivity to the next level. It allows you to sync your media files with a connected PC or camera, with no need for USB storage devices.

Updated standard application

Android 3 comes with more robust and improved standard apps. The browser, camera, gallery, contacts and e-mail applications now have more functionalities and are much easier to organize and manipulate.

The Android 3 highlights for users could go on and on, but that may make developers think there’s nothing for them.

New Developer Features

Perhaps the best feature of the android platform is its ability to integrate applications from diverse developers. The Android 3 highlights have nothing but good news for developers. The new working interface is just what developers were waiting for to optimize their creative minds. Here are some of the Android 3 highlights for developers:

  • Ability to break applications activities into fragments or module, for more control and flexibility.
  • Redesigned widgets that allow developers to quickly edit the content of their applications.
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