AIESEC in Manipal University and Congratulate – “I, Blogger” Winners

AIESEC in Manipal University in association with conducted a the “I,Blogger” Blogging competition recently. The contest was held under two different categories – The Popular Choice and the Jury Choice. We received a total of 10 entries for the contest and it was a closely contested contest in both the categories.

Voice you opinion and be heard! I, Blogger.

The popular choice category was judged based on the number of “likes” received by the entries, both on the AIESEC in Manipal University page on Facebook and the actual entry on

The criteria for the Jury’s choice were as follows:

FORM: This is the structural part of the essay–the “bones” upon which the rest hangs. Though it is essential to support the article, form is only worth 30 points as good form is expected.  This included grammar, organization and craftmanship (each carrying 10 points).

CONTENT : This is the essential part of the article. It must include the main and supporting ideas of the writer on the theme of this year’s contest. This part is worth 40 points because the two components cover the substance of the article. The article writer must have demonstrated preparation toward the goal stated. This included main idea (25 points) and supporting idea (15 points).

IMPRESSION:  This part is for the judge’s reaction. It is worth 30 points and gives latitude to the variety of opinions reflected in the judges. This included prognosis (10 points) and personal reaction (20 points).

Based on this our winners for the two groups were determined.

The winners in the popular choice category are:

1st Prize: Ms. Neha Suvarna for her entry: A world without internet? You’re kidding right?. This entry received a total of 503 likes.

2nd Prize: Mr. Raspal Singh for his entry: Manipal never sleeps: The cost of Urbanization. This entry received a total of 501 likes.

The winners in the Jury’s choice category was a tie for the first place and hence there will not be a second prize in this category:

Mr. Raspal Singh for his entry: Manipal never sleeps: The cost of Urbanizationand Ms. Adyasha Ranbir for her entry: I would like to disclaim the hold that the net has on our lives . Both entries scored 96 points out of a possible 100.

Our judges scored the other entries as follows:

Neha Suvarna – 94
Prajakta Prabhu – 93
Pranay Pareek – 88
Manish Parashar (urbanization) – 82
Manish Parashar (internet) – 78
Meenakshi Prasad – 74
Ankita Singh – 66
Jasthi Sai Mounica – 65

We congratulate all the winners and we thank all the participants of the contest. The winners will be contacted individually via email over the next few days with details about their prizes and how we can deliver the same to them. All the participants will be receiving a certificate of appreciation and participation and we will be contacting them via email. will be holding its annual short-story and poetry contest: 012 in the months of May to July 2012. Do subscribe to our Facebook page and follow us  @manipalblog on twitter to be kept informed about this!

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