Ten ways to kill – Ehsaan Nashad

Let I hint of my will, to thy ghastly lynch,

Noose thou to my dyad horse, until thou part by inch.

Wee slices to thy skin and yummy supper to my swine,

Thy extreme holes and my stuffing stave, align in line.

With suspended arms thy body jigs, to my lashing whip,

Some frost candy for my dogs, after thy fingers chip.

Urchins play with marble eyes that pop after thou hang,

Wean thy antidote after chiliad kissing by serpent fangs.

Save thou from my lit fire and feast the desert vultures,

Admire thy smiling face hung from my wall fixtures.

Blind smith gaffes his anvil for thy bludgeoned head,

Utilize thy dear time, until I choose from what I said.

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