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By Sudhir On 2 May, 2015 At 09:51 AM | Categorized As Education, Self Development | With 0 Comments

Some situations become almost farcical when they should be sad. A couple called urgently for a meeting. “It is about our son”. This was not uncommon. But what followed was something that I was totally unprepared for. “Our son failed.” That was nothing new. I waited for him to continue. Children do fail once in […]

By Sudhir On 17 Apr, 2015 At 02:19 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Self Development, Thoughts | With 2 Comments
Manipal Urbanization and Loss of greenery

I was warned that it would be a micro visit to Manipal. It didn’t matter. After all I hadn’t been to Manipal for ages. Again I was warned that it would be rather tedious since we would be travelling by car. No problems there too. I was prepared for anything. I often contend that cities […]