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By Sudhir On 17 Apr, 2015 At 02:19 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Self Development, Thoughts | With 2 Comments
Manipal Urbanization and Loss of greenery

I was warned that it would be a micro visit to Manipal. It didn’t matter. After all I hadn’t been to Manipal for ages. Again I was warned that it would be rather tedious since we would be travelling by car. No problems there too. I was prepared for anything. I often contend that cities […]

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Finding the right route to a career and developing professional skills can be a challenging task. If you are a newbie you can consider joining an online forum where you will receive guidance on your career path. In a community you can share your experience with others and get valuable advice from other members. When […]

By Sudhir On 22 May, 2014 At 12:48 AM | Categorized As Featured, Inspirational, Self Development | With 2 Comments

India has turned a new leaf. A commoner has upstaged the palace. We are looking at a new dawn. Hope Modi is able to fulfil the aspirations of the young India. I am pleased with the result for one more reason. It has discarded the obnoxious coalition politics. It means that now Modi and solely […]

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Choosing your Career

According to the latest statistical results, it can be well stated that professionals of the modern generations, associated under the career segments are going to change jobs at a frequent pace, when compared with the earlier generation. Thus, in order to manage a career in the best possible manner, they need to stay proactive and […]