KSRTC Volvo Timings


Manipal – Udupi – Mangalore – Kasargod

From Mangalore to Manipal From Manipal to Mangalore
Departure and Arrival timings Departure and Arrival timings
07:00am      08.45am 07:15am    09:00am
07:30am      09.15am 07.45am     09.30am
08:00am      09.45am 08:15am    10:00am
08:30am      10:15am 08:45am     10.30am
09:00am      10:45am 09:15am     11:00am
09:30am      11:15am 09:45am     11:30am
10:00am      11.45am 10.15am     12:00pm
10:30am      12:15pm 10.45am     12.30pm
11:00am      12:45pm 11.15am     01:00pm
11:30am      01:15pm 11.45am     01.30pm
12:00pm      01:45pm 12:15pm     02:00pm
12:30pm      02:15pm 12:45pm     02:30pm
01:00pm      02:45pm 01:15pm     03:00pm
01:30pm      03:15pm 01.45pm     03.30pm
02:00pm      03.45pm 02:15pm     04:00pm
02:30pm      04:15pm 02.45pm     04:30pm
03:00pm      04:45pm 03:15pm     05:00pm
03:30pm      05:15pm 03:45pm     05.30pm
04:00pm      05:45pm 04:15pm     06:00pm
04.30pm      06:15pm 04.45pm     06:30pm
05:00pm      06.45pm 05:15pm     07:00pm
05:30pm      07:15pm 05.45pm     07:30pm
06:00pm      07:45pm 06:15pm    08:00pm
06:30pm      08:15pm 06:45pm     08:30pm
07:00pm      08:45pm 07:15pm     09:00pm
Kasargod to Mangalore to Manipal Manipal to Mangalore to Kasargod
08:15am 09.40am-10:00am 11.45am 09.15am 11:00am-11:15am 12.40pm
01.50pm 03:15pm-03:30pm 05.15pm 01.45am 03.30pm-03:45pm 05.10pm
05:30pm 06:55pm-07:00pm 08.45pm 04.15am 06:00pm-06:15pm 07.40pm
* The schedule is tentative and intended only to facilitate in advance, subject to change