How do you have sex in a hostel?

I’m not talking sexual positions here, for any of you clicking through on a mis-directed Google search! I’m talking  about how do you have sex in a hostel when you’re sharing a room with other people, and/or you’re in a top bunk? When it comes down to it, you have a number of options. Admittedly, none of them are as good as having the privacy of your own room and/or flat back home, but maybe these can help you if you find yourself in this all too common situation among (often drunk) horny backpackers!

The hostel dorm

The first, and unfortunately most common option people seem to take is to just go ahead and have sex in the dorm! I don’t know what it is about booze and backpackers, but for some reason they seem to think that despite tip-toeing in as quietly as an elephant, talking dirty in a not so quiet whisper, and the loud creaking of the bed, they seem to think that no one will hear them as they go at in the dorm room! Either that or they just don’t care. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not casting any judgements! Every one’s done it, tried it, or thought about it trying it at some point during their travels! Take my advice however when I say we don’t want to hear you have sex! You can also get chucked out your hostel if someone complain, or just have to face the embarrassment the morning after when you’re sober. If there’s no one in the room at the time then by all means have a go, just remember to lock the door! If there’s other people about though, then find somewhere else. You can sometimes do it and get away with it, if the people in the room don’t mind, or are just to shy to complain, but at the very least most people find it distracting when they’re trying to sleep, so try to be considerate and look for alternatives where you can. One thing that always makes me laugh is when people on a bottom bunk hang towels and/or flags at the side of their bed, then bring a “friend” over to stay for the night, and somehow think no one’s going to notice that they’re having sex. It’s a sure tell sign, and it’s obvious when your towel is dry that you’re not hanging it up because it’s wet!

The toilet

I’m not saying it’s classy, but it is an option should you choose to take it! If you have a private en-suite bathroom then you’ve got it pretty easy here as you usually have showering or bath facilities (depending on the hostel), more room than a traditional toilet cubicle, and a door with a lock! You can close the door and go at it knowing that no one can come into the toilet/bathroom area until you are done! If you’re room doesn’t have an en-suite however, then it looks like you’re stuck with just a toilet cubicle, which will most probably be uncomfortable, not have a lot of room to move, and just generally not be one of the nicest places to have sex in. It does however still have a lock! For some people in a hostel this can be an absolute luxury when trying to find a place to have your way with another hostel buddy, as other than your room (which usually has other people staying in it), a toilet cubicle is probably the only other place in a hostel where you can guarantee there will somewhere with a lock!

Common Room

This one is a bit risky as not only can your room mates gain entry to the common room, but so can any other hostel staff or residents! Yet sometimes, when faced with either the toilet or a room full of other backpackers, if the common room is empty then you’ll often find some people will take that risk. Benefits are that it is usually a lot more comfortable than a toilet cubicle. Downsides are the likely hood of other people walking in on you, and then having to pretend you’re both just under that blanket because you are cold!

Pool / Jacuzzi

If you are lucky enough to stay in one of the hostels which has a pool or jacuzzi, then you’ll find this is a popular spot for couple’s to have sex! Of course, the majority of hostels don’t have this facility, and the one’s that do will usually close off a pool area at night for safety. On the occasions where they don’t close the area off, or for a jacuzzi, the one main problem you may find is that it is very rarely empty! The reality is that most backpackers looking to get it on will immediately head to a pool or jacuzzi as it’s the easiest place to get away with it discreetly if someone walks in. You’re both in your swim wear anyway so it’s just a case of slipping a few bits of clothing to the side under the water, which you can easily slip back before anyone has time to get in, and hey presto! I would hate to test the water in some of these places, as I can only imagine what liquids must be flowing around down there sometimes, but if you do manage to find a spot in the pool or jacuzzi when no else is there, then this could be an option?


Whether it’s the nearby beach, the hostel garden, veranda, or somewhere else nearby, a lot of the time (particularly in the warmer countries), you will find that people often head outside. The main problem with this is that even in a hot country, at night it can get very cold. I know people who in places like Australia during the summer, got pneumonia after having sex on the beach! Of course there is also the fact that passers by may walk past depending on how secluded it is too! If you’re planning on doing it outside, at the very least bring a towel or blanket, provided it’s not completely spur of the moment as you’re walking home.

Private Room

The best, but most expensive option. When all else fails you can always fork up the cash and pay for a private room at the hostel or a nearby hotel. If you’re splitting the cost between the two of you then it may not be so bad, but this usually takes a bit of planning if it’s during peak time in the place you are staying, as the hostel or hotel could be fully booked. I very rarely find backpackers who do opt for the private room! Mostly they’d rather take the risk or discomfort than pay out much need travel cash, but it is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

– Regardless of which option you take, have taken, or whether you find another alternative –  be sure to wear protection when having sex in the hostel! I don’t want to sound like your mum or your doctor, but backpackers tend to sleep with a lot more people than they would traditionally at home. If you think about it, you’re in a holiday type mentality, there’s lots of young, good-looking, and single people about, with usually a lot of booze thrown into the mix! This is by far the easiest conditions to catch something or get prego! You don’t want to be ruin your amazing RTW venture with a not so happy discovery half way through!

So what are your tips for finding somewhere discreet to have sex in a hostel? Have you opted for any of the options above? Don’t be shy, the more these topics are discussed, the faster we’ll get to a solution that suits everybody!