GreenWings is a non-government/non-profit organization, registered under Societies Act 1860, that was set up with the aim to increase the urban green cover in the country. They do this by nurturing saplings for about a year till they are self-sustaining and then plant them out in the city. They have acquired a piece of land in a place call Village Shakrulapur, District Kharar, Punjab. The contributions received from the people or organizations are used to grow saplings, store them and roll them out towards cities like Chandigarh.Greenwings

The non-profit model is being run in Chandigarh and the team is planning to roll it across the country over a short time. Over the past 6 months the team has planted 600 trees and has seen that they are properly looked after. The cost per sapling to be contributed is Rs.100/-, which includes everything from cost of buying seeds and fertilizer, paying the gardener and the cost of transportation.

You can visit the GreenWings Facebook page and like it and you can follow @GreenWings29 on twitter.

About the Photography Contest:

The GreenWings-ManipalBlog Photo Contest (the “Contest”) is open to ALL photographers at least 18 years of age. The contest is open to all participants residing in India. Participants residing abroad but having Indian Bank accounts are eligible as well.


  • Contest-related use rights must be available to GreenWings and ManipalBlog.
  • Please do not include photographs of pets or domestic animals. Images of captive animals photographed in zoos and commercial game farms are also prohibited, however photos from national wildlife preserves are allowed.
  • Photograph images at the highest resolution possible and send us the original JPEG, TIFF, or RAW file.
  • Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (removal of dust, cropping, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color and contrast, etc.) will be disqualified.
  • Multiple exposures that have been combined to produce a single “High Dynamic Range” image are acceptable.
  • Please remember that digital images that are grainy or show pixilation cannot be accepted for judging.
  • Watermarked images will not be accepted.
  • You must own the image and it should not have been entered in any other contest. In other words, plagiarism in any form will not be accepted.
  • The images may have been captured up to 6 months before the announcement of this concept i.e. 7th February 2013 onwards.
  • Images that do not meet these requirements may or may not be judged at the judging panel’s sole discretion.

What to Enter:

  • We are looking for striking digital images that capture the beauty/destruction of planet earth.
  • Every candidate who enrolls has to make a portfolio of minimum 10 photos and maximum 20 photos around the theme Nature.

We would especially welcome photographs that show the damage caused to/by nature, during a human-nature interaction (Chemicals or Toxic waste dumping in rivers, Solid waste landfills etc).

Your images should highlight the diversity of life on Earth, including portraits of wildlife in natural habitat, animal behavior, the relationship between people and nature, plant life, weather, and seasons. Images that showcase the wide range of habitats across our country, including:

  • Forests
  • Grasslands
  • Fresh Water – lakes and rivers
  • Deserts and arid lands
  • Marine – coral reefs, oceans and coasts

Entrants must not submit images that involve human nudity, the willful harassment of wildlife, damage to the environment by the photographer, put any person or animal in danger, or infringe on the rights of any other photographer or person.

Photo captions must accompany all submissions (in a separate word/text document), and should include the subject of the image, the place the image was taken, and the name of the photographer(s). Please clearly label animals as wild in digital caption information to help judges in determining eligibility.

Important Dates:
Contest Opens: 7th August 2013.
Last Date for entries: 5 pm, 20th August 2013
Voting: 21st to 25th August 2013.
Announcement of Winners: 30th August.

Where to send entries:
Send your photographs (as per rules mentioned above) in a zipped folder to

A panel of 3 Judges will be appointed to judge the contest. They will be scoring the photographs on the basis of Technique (20%); Subject (20%); composition (20%) and Personal opinion (40%). The judges scoring will be combined with the Facebook Likes (60% + 40%) to get a winner.

Each participant will receive an e-certificate (PDF format).
First prize winner will receive Rs. 1500/-
Second prize winner will receive Rs. 750/-
Third prize winner will receive Rs. 500/-