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  • Siddharth we have not blocked anyone (either individual or page admin) from posting on our Facebook page. So please stop crying wolf and check your FB settings.

    Also, if you’re going to cry everytime some one blocks you.. I do not think you’re going very far…


    Dr. Vishaal Bhat.

  • s. pandey

    i am a student from MCODS (dental college) I have a question for all manipalites in general (especially non health sciences students). As well read individuals with a sound educational background and quality exposure to the world (no jokes here), what do you think a health professional should be like. A few lines about what your readers think about health professionals and what their ideal traits should be from a layman’s point of view will be really helpful in teaching the new kids in my college the concept of what it means to be a member of the healthcare industry. if its not too much to ask.


    I am Kunjan Singh MCOPS 04-08 passout , My first novel RNo 0478 Inspired by life is out and I want to promote the same in Manipal. Its inspired by my graduation story of Manipal. Would need your support and if you could put a review for the same. my mail id is contact no is 8128653136,
    I was chief editor of MCOPS college magazine too.. I am a maniplaite and this book is by a maniplaite and every one out there would relive their college life

  • Ganesh Rao

    I Want To Admit A 77 Year Old Women Who’s Suffering From Alzheimer/Dementia,But Not Voilent,Whom can i Approach?