Choosing the Right Backpack

A backpack is the most important piece of equipment you will own during your travels. Think of it as your new home, where everything you own is stored. Now you must lug it around on your back for the next

Indian Village Art
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The Village Story

“Indian villages” the term itself brings in the nostalgia of a stress-free life, filled with grass between your toes, a smell of jackfruits popping, roosters calling and fulfilled memories. A place where we can truly enjoy the beauty of our


The Path to Success

In life we get many an opportunity but we fail to see them, they come in different ways; be it in form of small packages or larger ones but each opportunity paves our way for success. Let’s look at how.


The Solitary Seawalk

The night was warm shrouded with clouds and I was done with my exams, so mind was chilled unlike the weather. I wished to take a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life and hence around seven thirty in the