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One of the most difficult choices we make every day is about one of the simplest things, food. What should we eat? Most of the household chores tend to run around planning meals. One would think that as students it would be simpler to deal with food as we just eat out or order in. […]

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I was assigned to cell number 312 at RT Block and given the roll number 011303006 since 12th September 2001 for committing a crime of running away from home on my mum’s birthday (10th September). The prison cell is shared by another guy named Cindy … oops Sin Dee. He committed a crime of … […]

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What do dreams mean in people’s lives? Its meaning differs from one person to another, it all depends on the perception of the people. “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumblebee, the small child and the smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, […]

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For any fresher coming to Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka, among the first questions to come to mind is which among the hostels is the best. Now we do not know which ones the girls prefer, but we did a poll on our Facebook page sometime back and we found an interesting response. Bur […]

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With a huge increase in the intake of students at MIT, the college has recently put up new hostels, the majority of them being for guys. The reason I say “up” is because they are “UP”, more “up” than you expect to find buildings in a town like Manipal. On first look, you’ll want a […]

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1st and 2nd block MIT Girls Hostel Review [Non – AC, Common] Essentially, these are the blocks for ‘fucchas’, 1st block is mostly taken up by MITians, pushing the 2nd block slightly out of focus. The two blocks share a mess between them, Annanya mess, which is practically unused, after the first month of the […]

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Jihad and Terrorism

In most recent news, walking around campus with earphones in your ears, is now restricted.  Not surprisingly, a majority of the student community is shocked at this illogical and unlawful violation of civil rights. The aim of this article, however, is to make the students understand the point of view of the administration.  In recent […]

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Prisoners of an Idiotic Polic (e) y

“Student suspended for possession of banned substances” “Student suspended after detection of banned substances in his Urine sample”  “Student suspended for coming late to hostel” These are some of the notices that I have seen in the past week. Now if in my first year, in 2008, you had told me that in 4 years […]