September 26, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

What do dreams mean in people’s lives? Its meaning differs from one person to another, it all depends on the perception of the people. “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumblebee, the […]

Manipal Hostels

MIT Boys Hostel Review

December 18, 2011 Guest Blogger 1

With a huge increase in the intake of students at MIT, the college has recently put up new hostels, the majority of them being for guys. The reason I say “up” is because they are […]

Manipal Hostels

MIT Girls Hostel Review

December 9, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

1st and 2nd block MIT Girls Hostel Review [Non – AC, Common] Essentially, these are the blocks for ‘fucchas’, 1st block is mostly taken up by MITians, pushing the 2nd block slightly out of focus. […]

Prisoners of an Idiotic Polic (e) y
Manipal Hostels

Are they hostels or is it a jail now?

September 14, 2011 Pulkit 19

“Student suspended for possession of banned substances” “Student suspended after detection of banned substances in his Urine sample”  “Student suspended for coming late to hostel” These are some of the notices that I have seen […]