Industrial Engineering is also known as Operations management, Production Engineering, or Manufacturing Engineering
Interviews and Class Rooms

Industrial and Production Engineering at MIT Manipal

July 24, 2014 Keshav Shahi 3

A typical under-graduate course on Industrial & Production engineering emphasises on manufacturing and improvement of productivity. A good and updated course on industrial and production engineering makes a student smart enough to understand existing technological […]

Job Interviews
Interviews and Class Rooms

Tips For Better Job Interviews

June 13, 2014 Guest Blogger 2

Careers are made or broken by interviews. Very often, the opportunity that you will be looking for will present itself in the form of a job interview. Succeeding in the job interview is vital for […]

Interviews and Class Rooms

Questions in the Class Room and?

December 21, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

In my experience as a student, one of the most awkward things that happen during a lecture is the pin-drop silence that the lecturer receives after posing a question. Most often, lecturers take this as […]

Interviews and Class Rooms

MIT Manipal and The Placement Paranoia

October 1, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

Of late I’ve been asked by a few about companies coming, interviews, written rounds, GD, subjects, questions etc… etc… etc… So, as I see it, quite a few people out there in the lovely Manipal […]

Interview Tips

6 Tips to Ace that Interview

May 15, 2013 Vishaal Bhat 0

All your planning and preparations will make your interview much smoother. But you must remember that you have only one chance to sell yourself and now its the time to do it. Greeting the Receptionist […]

Interviews and Class Rooms

Manipal Placement Talk: Apply off-campus!

March 22, 2013 Chirag 0

Name: Shashad Gujaran Branch & Batch: B.E. Civil Engineering – Batch of 2012 Branches who might be interested in this article: Civil Engineering Current Role & Organization: Graduate Research Assistant and Student at University of […]