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By Sam On 4 Jan, 2014 At 05:52 PM | Categorized As A Brief Respite, Featured, Photography | With 0 Comments

A lot of people have been asking me about Skandagiri and a lot of “rumour” abounds online, apparently. This is my two-bit in an attempt to help all those aspirants! Some common myths of Skandagiri 1. You are NOT allowed, Police will stop you, they will imprison you or ask for bribe: I went in […]

By Mahesh On 26 Aug, 2013 At 04:46 PM | Categorized As Featured, Lifestyle, Photography, Travel and Leisure, Wordless Wanderer | With 0 Comments

Some days of planning, and finally a road-trip was in store with my best buddies. We set up for a place which had a very small mention in tourist books. But hey,who cares? All we needed was a weekend escape from all the noise and the pseudo-civilization! Living in a metro can surely suck your […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 7 Aug, 2013 At 02:15 PM | Categorized As Photography | With 0 Comments

1. The Canon EOS-1D X is hailed as the next generation of Digital SLR. The culmination of 40 years of development, it combines speed with the ability to capture high-resolution images and can shoot HD movies, too. According to Canon it is the ultimate camera for all types of photographer. This one costs upwards of […]

By Sonal Kashyap On 22 Jul, 2013 At 04:14 PM | Categorized As Featured, Manipal Scenic, Photography | With 2 Comments

There are many getaways in and around Manipal where you can just go and enjoy the calmness and beauty of nature. One of my favorite among them is Railway Bridge, which can also be seen from the End Point, Manipal. It is around 5km away from Tiger Circle. If you have a private vehicle and […]

By Sonal Kashyap On 7 Jul, 2013 At 04:35 PM | Categorized As Manipal Scenic, Photography | With 1 Comment

A clear weather during Manipal monsoon is the best time to get out in the wild and explore the nature. Luckily for me it turned out to be very productive. In last four years i never noticed so many different butterflies at the End Point. All photographs were shot at End Point, Manipal on a […]

By Sam On 7 Jun, 2013 At 09:17 PM | Categorized As A Brief Respite, Featured, Photography | With 0 Comments

After a relatively normal khatti session, on the way back home, we take a small detour through the recently renovated airport road and bump into my brother’s new found friends:  super-bike enthusiasts. “Go ahead, give it a try.” There is a gleaming green monster, flaunting its curves, tilting its head invitingly, almost with the  sneer […]

By Sam On 7 Jun, 2013 At 09:07 PM | Categorized As A Brief Respite, Featured, Lifestyle, Photography, Travel and Leisure | With 1 Comment

Date: 12 Nov 2012 | Time: till 2:30 am Decided that enough we planned to plan. No more chickening out, no more excuses, no more delays. Just Do  It.  Planned to go out in the morning as early as possible, destination not confirmed. Direction of travel not confirmed. Date: 12 Nov 2012 | Time: 2:30 am Moodbidri […]

‘A lifetime of showers moistens the soul’, says an ancient proverb. And the shimmering, crystal-clear nuances of these beautiful words apply more to India’s colourful Monsoon culture than to any other art movement in the world. [contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png] [contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png]

By Sam On 25 Dec, 2012 At 10:04 AM | Categorized As A Brief Respite, Photography | With 0 Comments

Date: 16th Dec 2012 Venue: TAPMI Cafeteria Event: Christmas Carols and Special Dinner Sometimes certain cards force your hand. End Semester Examinations and Term Break. A special evening, lots of enthusiasm. And all the students actively participating!! Christmas Carols and popular songs. TAPMI heralds Christmas early this year!! Christmas is a special time, even if […]

By Sam On 5 Dec, 2012 At 09:55 AM | Categorized As A Brief Respite, Photography, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

I do not know how to swim. We have been told about the Tower Of Babel. Poets have waxed eloquent about the futility of language in expressions; the futility of words to convey what we felt at a given moment. I was not a very ardent believer of that philosophy or line of thought. Yes, […]