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By Guest Blogger On 16 Feb, 2017 At 06:16 PM | Categorized As Featured, Thoughts | With 0 Comments

Plants and trees are a feast to human eyes, always. The colourful flowers of various shapes and scents, around us are charming and fascinating. Non – flowering plants are also attractive because of their beautiful leaves and cutely arranged branches. So we grow them as garden plants. My favourite ‘bougainvillea’ is one of the few […]

By Guest Blogger On 15 Feb, 2017 At 03:07 PM | Categorized As Art and Literature, Lifestyle, Self Development | With 0 Comments

Writing is an art but I believe it can also be taught. There are some people who just seem to give the audience what they want and some who need a little help. No matter where you find yourself, there is still some tips that are not as common as others. Just start writing Even […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 13 Feb, 2017 At 12:38 PM | Categorized As Environment, Featured, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

How often do we blame others for the things that are wrong with the world today? Be it the rising pollution, the depleting fuel resources, or the water shortage we face every year. It is natural human tendency to wash our hands of errors/mistakes and blame others for the worsening situation, be it the environment […]

By Guest Blogger On 6 Feb, 2017 At 10:05 PM | Categorized As Featured, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

People are fast becoming more aware of the dangers of chemicals and toxins in general. More often than not all types of beauty products, from men’s hair gel to women’s makeup, contains harmful chemicals. It is important to know what is going into your body as a result of what you consume. So taking a […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 21 Jan, 2017 At 03:23 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

A team of scientists have recently unearthed a large aquatic frog from the Western Ghats of India. The frog is reported from three sites on the coasts of Karnataka, including Herga village near Manipal. This frog calls like a bird and probably this is the reason why it has been ignored all these years. In […]

By Admin On 10 Jan, 2017 At 04:03 PM | Categorized As NewsBytes, The Manipal Experience | With 0 Comments

The grand finale of the 14th edition of Quiz on the Beach™ (QoTB™) hosted by T. A. Pai Management Institute took place on 8th January 2017. The quizzing event was held on the sands of Malpe beach against the stunning backdrop of the Arabian Sea. It was a unique and pleasant experience for both the […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 6 Jan, 2017 At 11:14 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

Heartfelt thanks to each and every participant of “Frogs of Manipal’ club. We are now a brilliant gang of 133 frog lovin’ members! This informal club was created in October 2016 and team Frogs of Manipal (FoM) has made some awesome discoveries since then. So on this first Friday of 2017, let’s recap everything that […]

By Sushma Harish On 3 Jan, 2017 At 08:30 PM | Categorized As Featured, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

Picture Source A picture says thousand words. Sometimes a thousand words aren’t enough to paint one picture – quoted by myself graduating in Social Media. Every new year beginning calls for a unique celebration. This year I completed the ritual by naming our lovely new pair of love birds as “5G and WiFi”!! We are […]

The holiday season is here! Without any argument, it is the best season to find a comfortable couch, a warm blanket and some chocolate brownies. Watching Game of Thrones or Netflix is indeed a great idea while snuggling up, but I’d rather watch frog documentaries. Why? Because these have taken me on an awesome trip […]

By Admin On 22 Dec, 2016 At 04:14 PM | Categorized As Miscellaneous, NewsBytes | With 0 Comments

T A Pai Management Institute’s (TAPMI) Centre of Inclusive Growth, Dharitri organized a one day workshop “Dharitri Dialogues- Women Entrepreneurs Engagement Workshop” on 16th December 2016 at K K Pai Block – TAPMI, Manipal. The workshop was attended by more than 25 participants who are the members of the Platform for Women Entrepreneurs (POWER) group. […]