Travel and Leisure

How to Survive a Long Commute

November 9, 2017 Travel Guru 0

A long commute can really drain you.  If your commute is over an hour each way, you are losing precious time. Combine that with the amount of gas you are spending each week, and it […]

Health and Fitness

Strange Sports – Zorbing!

November 2, 2017 Vikram Singh Tomar 0

Have you ever heard of bossaball or zorbing? If not, you’re not alone. everywhere the globe over individuals are trying to find ways to change the way traditional sports are played. If you’re not into […]


Hostels Vs Couchsurfing

October 31, 2017 Travel Guru 0

I recently wrote a post on Hotels Vs Hostels. In my conclusion I decided that it really depends on what suits your own personal preferences, but overall hostels still remained on top for the budget […]