The Genderless Baby

January 22, 2012 Kanwar Singh 6

So this comes up from stories regarding baby Storm born to a Toronto couple.  You can read it here.  The parents have decided not to disclose the baby’s sex to anyone including the baby as […]

Art and Literature

A 3-D sticker- just that or much more?

January 22, 2012 Srishti 0

That 3-d sticker you see ? Changing colours, auras, dimensions That thing at the back of that color book I don’t know, I find it symbolically scary Scary, maybe the truth scares me now I […]

Art and Literature

The Birth : A Short Poem

January 18, 2012 Winston.Bale 0

Here’s a li’l poem I wrote on what a baby goes through when it first enters this amazing world and the subsequent realization, growing up and nostalgia. Lacking the faintest sense of recognition of the […]


Where to? DeeTee!!

January 16, 2012 Guest Blogger 0

It is not often that one gets to write on a topic which is as much fun as this one. That is God’s honest truth. Another one of those is that you just cannot have […]


Being alone in the arms of life…

December 14, 2011 Aastha Dubey 0

“When we were small we couldn’t wait to grow and now when we are grown it feels like wounded knees were better than broken heart.” In everyone’s life a day comes, when life is waiting […]

Kindergarden School life is like the first bloom of a plant...

One Step at A Time – School life Nostalgia

November 11, 2011 Alex 0

Monsoons reopened and so did School. ‘God Must Not Like Usl’ was the shared feeling growing in class-room full of infancy. The rail-iron bell rang with all its spite and freshness – the moment rippled […]