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Getting a Tattoo Done

September 11, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

For most teenagers tattoos are a very popular body decoration. It could be considered an interesting way of self-expression. A tattoo is a wound made in your skin, which is filled with ink. It is […]

Health and Fitness

11 Foot Care tips for you!

September 9, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

Wash your feet with water every day. Use anti bacterial soap and scrub with a loofah. It is important to dry your feet completely with a towel because they leftover moisture is a breeding ground […]

Health and Fitness

The Perfect Way to Shampoo your Hair

September 8, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

There’s a procedure you can follow to avoid breaking your hair strands while shampooing. Here’s how. • Thoroughly drench the hair for 30-60 seconds before you apply shampoo – you will need less products, washing […]

Health and Fitness

How to Boost Metabolism

August 14, 2017 Guest Blogger 0

  Hello, dear readers! Every woman wants to be beautiful and slim. But most of them do not suspect that metabolic activity has an extremely important role in losing some pounds and keeping that body […]