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Myths About Low Fat Diets

December 18, 2016 Guest Blogger 0

Didn’t you read the survey? A survey says cut out butter and risk cancer. What do you do? We left a note for the milkman without delay. “No more skimmed. Back to ordinary milk, please.” […]

Health and Fitness

9 Major causes of backache

December 12, 2016 Vishaal Bhat 0

Unless their backs are giving trouble, people take it for granted that their backs are in good shape. Almost eight persons out of ten suffer from acute backache at least once in their lives. About […]

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Eyes Should Sparkle and Shine

October 20, 2016 Guest Blogger 0

She’s a clever girl who knows that having pretty eyes is not all a matter of eye makeup, but also of possessing rested, clear, and sparkling peepers. She realizes what gives her eyes that wonderful, […]