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By Guest Blogger On 3 Nov, 2016 At 05:29 PM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

Black dresses are such versatile choices when it comes to clothing that their timeless status comes as no surprise: being able to suit any body type and fashion style, they become a valuable addition to any woman’s wardrobe. The fact that they come with a wide array of options is the icing on the cake; […]

By Guest Blogger On 22 Oct, 2016 At 07:44 AM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

Campus life is one of the best phases of our lives. All the fun and carefree days are cherished for the years to come. Not to forget the parties and the college weeks. Oh! So, fun!!!  Decking up is an essential part of girls’ life 😉 Isn’t it gals!!!! Girlie stuffs are made up of […]

By Guest Blogger On 6 Oct, 2016 At 11:51 AM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

If you find it challenging to pick an outfit each morning or dress up for different occasions, there are simple and effective ways to ensure that dressing well is no longer a problem. Choosing the right clothes and being appropriately dressed leaves a lasting impression on the people you meet. It boosts your confidence and […]

By Guest Blogger On 5 Jul, 2016 At 02:53 PM | Categorized As Fashion | With 0 Comments

  The shorter you wear, more sexier you’ll look. Shop the cutest maxi skirts! Not at all, if you adorn saree. A beauty of 9 or 6 yards, saree is the Indian cultural symbol for strength in womanhood and inner beauty of every woman. The way you drape actually reflects the look that you dire […]

By Guest Blogger On 5 Jul, 2016 At 01:36 PM | Categorized As Education, Fashion | With 1 Comment

The recent decade has seen a surge in international education for Indian and Chinese students who travel to Europe to study in the world of art and fashion design. More than any other country, China has recognized the importance of the fashion industry and the opportunities the market presents for skilled fashion designers and stylists, […]

By Guest Blogger On 15 Feb, 2016 At 10:01 AM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle | With 2 Comments

Black is one such colour which is the first choice and love of each and every women living on this earth! From head to toe you will definitely find inclusion of black in everything a woman wears! Its absence in a woman’s wardrobe is just next to impossible in decades to come and decades to […]

By Guest Blogger On 13 Feb, 2016 At 03:20 PM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle, Manipal Life, The Manipal Experience | With 0 Comments

From education to fashion to adventure and tourism, Manipal has some truly amazing and unique offerings and can be considered a ‘something for everybody’ destination. If you’ve just planned your trip to Manipal and you’re thinking about what to pack then you may be wondering what you should wear. With a unique climate, many travelers […]

By Guest Blogger On 28 Dec, 2015 At 12:39 PM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle | With 1 Comment

In the world of fashion and jewelry fashion, trends come and go. But the common factor is all trends is that you can have fun and play around with different styles. With each jewelry fashion trend that comes and goes, there is always something for everyone. Even in some countries like India, people are delightfully […]

By Guest Blogger On 4 Dec, 2015 At 12:04 PM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle | With 2 Comments

Indian fashion has advanced remarkably in the recent years. Today Indian fashion designers are dressing up famous Hollywood celebrities in their striking and fashionable outfits that reflect the international reach of Indian fashion. The advancement of Indian fashion has blended with the advancement of e-commerce and these combined factors have led to the increasing popularity […]

By Stella Lemon On 5 Nov, 2015 At 02:13 PM | Categorized As Fashion, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments
woollen gloves for men

Everybody likes shopping and the moment you think of doing winter shopping, you think of buying sweaters, jackets, coats. But how many people actually think of buying hand gloves as well? Covering your body is important during winters, hence we buy sweaters, jackets, thermals, caps or mufflers for covering our upper body and for lower […]