Give teachers the respect they deserve

December 28, 2012 Vishaal Bhat 0

There are four categories of teachers in Manipal and  the presence of such a varied collection of persons in our teaching service has contributed to some of the problems facing the profession. The categories are: […]

Choosing your Career

Selecting a career

August 1, 2012 Alex 1

Selecting a career means deciding the type of occupation you want to do for the rest of your life. Animals do not have a choice – only humans. Human beings consist of body and mind […]


7 Tips on Dealing With Stress in your College

May 30, 2012 Alex 1

Sometimes the multitude of life’s changes that occur during your college years can trigger stress and lead to serious depression. At this vulnerable time, the smartest thing you can do for yourself is to seek […]


5 Reasons to Blog about your Goals

March 11, 2012 Alex 2

Writing out your goals, sharing them with others and actually visualizing your success will bring you powerful results! It doesn’t really matter how you record your goals – it only matters that you take the […]