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By Guest Blogger On 20 Feb, 2017 At 02:59 PM | Categorized As Education | With 0 Comments

Being a student is not easy. University is probably one of the most challenging things you will do in your life. Many students don’t complete their degrees because they do not have certain aspects in place and get overwhelmed by the mountain of work. Trust me, there are means to make your University experience better. […]

By Guest Blogger On 6 Feb, 2017 At 09:10 PM | Categorized As Education, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

In the world of academics when applying to universities or just introducing yourself, a personal statement is one of the most important tools that you can use to represent yourself. The characters are limited and you have to make an impression that blows the audience away. Now this can be a challenge but not if […]

By Guest Blogger On 3 Feb, 2017 At 10:28 PM | Categorized As Education, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

When you are trying to gain access to a college, you will be required to write an admissions essay. There is no getting away from it. Although many people find this to be a daunting task, it can be done with great success. Usually the application process has a set format and you are only […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 21 Jan, 2017 At 03:23 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

A team of scientists have recently unearthed a large aquatic frog from the Western Ghats of India. The frog is reported from three sites on the coasts of Karnataka, including Herga village near Manipal. This frog calls like a bird and probably this is the reason why it has been ignored all these years. In […]

By Guest Blogger On 17 Jan, 2017 At 12:06 PM | Categorized As Education, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

So you have made up your mind to study in the medical field. This is exciting times for any student and you have to make sure you chose the right field. There are many choices out there and the decision will decide your future. It could be a happy future or a frustrating one. Many […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 6 Jan, 2017 At 11:14 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

Heartfelt thanks to each and every participant of “Frogs of Manipal’ club. We are now a brilliant gang of 133 frog lovin’ members! This informal club was created in October 2016 and team Frogs of Manipal (FoM) has made some awesome discoveries since then. So on this first Friday of 2017, let’s recap everything that […]

The holiday season is here! Without any argument, it is the best season to find a comfortable couch, a warm blanket and some chocolate brownies. Watching Game of Thrones or Netflix is indeed a great idea while snuggling up, but I’d rather watch frog documentaries. Why? Because these have taken me on an awesome trip […]

Have you ever noticed or a just give a second thought about wonders created by technology? Without our knowledge, we are bound to technology in our daily life. Right from tiny things to larger one. Whether it regards education, scientific aspects like science projects, communication nor several works that used to consume time now that […]

By Guest Blogger On 21 Dec, 2016 At 10:34 PM | Categorized As Education, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

Job security can sometimes seem as though it belongs to the past, but if you’re sensible enough to choose the right profession you’ll not only be in demand, but in many cases will be able to enjoy a higher than average salary. So if you’re considering a career change, or wondering what to study, you’d […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 18 Dec, 2016 At 09:42 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

In many human cultures around the world, frogs have long been associated with fertility and breeding. This is because of their association with life-giving water. Right from Egypt to India to the Mayan region in North America, people have considered frogs to be the symbols of fertility. Heqet, an Egyptian goddess of fertility is represented […]