Art and Literature

A Manipal Poem from 2002

March 8, 2017 Guest Blogger 0

How to describe? Oh what to say? Its really quite strange how one word can make me feel this way What kind of emotions could I ……should I display Manipal, dear Manipal the place where […]

Art and Literature

The Plight

May 14, 2016 Guest Blogger 0

Victims of innocence, to lament left to spare, Countless of fragile hearts, torn in utter despair, Endowed with forlorn hopes, a vigil prayer and mourn, Seeking a peaceful solace, for those long gone, On that […]

Art and Literature

Confessions of a Dangerous mind…

September 27, 2015 Vishaal Bhat 0

Just lift the veil of my Suave exterior And peep behind that Righteous manner. Look close enough – only to find Candid confessions of a dangerous mind. It’s not the same persona- When I could […]

Art and Literature

The sound in silence

July 24, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Floating in the air , like a lifeless feather So light and so free The gentle wind , of the sea and the earth Lifting my spirit to touch the heavens Into the darkness , […]