Mumbai – The Venice of India!

June 22, 2015 Atreyee 0

When in Manipal, one of the things I look forward to most is going home. This time around, when news of torrential rains in Mumbai reached me, just the day before my journey, I was […]


The Uncivilized Indian

May 4, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Millions of years in evolution and thousands of years in developing our culture, we have established pretty well that we are far more evolved than any other beings on this planet in every possible way. […]


Rebuild Daman: Make the Manipal Difference

April 30, 2015 Guest Blogger 0

Reconserving the Himalayas: If you visited Daman village in Nepal even a month back, you would experience breathtaking views, rhododendron forests and tranquility that only the Himalayas can offer. It is like any other village in Nepal- […]


India’s Daughter – Her Fault?

March 9, 2015 Vrinda 0

With “India’s Daughter”, Leslee Udwin has once again brought Nirbhaya into the limelight and with her, dragged out the sinister monster of rape. What are we supposed to address now? The fact that the documentary […]


This is the era of the Internet Hippies

May 1, 2014 Tanmay 0

Remember the mid sixties? It was the time of the hippie movement. Everything that a typical youngster did at that time is illegal now. They would have never thought that things would take such a […]


Manipal, DeeTee and Elections 2014.

March 24, 2014 Sudhir 0

This is going to be a mother of all elections. Never in the history of Indian elections, there have been so many young voters and never had been technology used so extensively. So how does […]

India and World

Being a Woman..!

March 8, 2014 Madhushri Mudke 0

What is a woman, a lady, a girl? Who is she? What comes to your mind first when you a see a lady dressed in brilliant salwar-kameez cross a road right in front of you […]