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By Guest Blogger On 27 Nov, 2013 At 02:04 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Featured, Television Shows | With 1 Comment

The television entertainment industry has always been hard to keep up with. New and exciting content shows up on the screen every day making it very hard to follow up on the best content. However, if one could know what is coming up and be able to know what to watch and at what time […]

By Aastha Dubey On 9 Jul, 2013 At 09:53 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Television Shows | With 0 Comments

Is it all fiction or genuine?? Inspired by true incidents or just a matter of entertainment? Real life or reel life? When these days there are television shows based on renowned historians like “Jodha Akbar”; are they a source of mere entertainment or an authentic lifestyle they had..What is factual and what is fake?? Isn’t […]

By Manas Kinra On 10 Dec, 2012 At 01:34 PM | Categorized As Television Shows | With 0 Comments

Switch on your television turn to Discovery Channel or Animal Planet and what you get to see most of the time is a program featuring two insane guys, Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, always on call answering to people who spot alligators at unusual places. It’s a ‘real’ reality series about these two men who work […]

By Manas Kinra On 2 Dec, 2012 At 07:25 PM | Categorized As Television Shows | With 0 Comments

‘FUN WITH FLAGS’ is now back with Sheldon outsourcing his viewership by inviting his old buddy Will Wheaton to the show to tell people about the flags of ‘Star Trek’. Amy is now promoted from one of the actors in Fun With Flags to the Director of the internet talk show. On the other side […]

By Manas Kinra On 14 Oct, 2012 At 11:41 PM | Categorized As Television Shows | With 0 Comments

Watching the latest episode (Season 6 episode 3 ) of The Big Bang Theory has filled my mind with a big confusion that whether repetition of same thing again and again makes something interesting, obvious or boring? The thing which makes this series different from other sitcoms is that its every episode does not have […]

By Manas Kinra On 5 Oct, 2012 At 07:33 PM | Categorized As Television Shows | With 0 Comments

From the Episode 2 of Season 8 of the hit television series ‘How I Met Your Mother’  i.e ‘The Pre-Nup’ , it’s quiet clear that the creators are running out of new stories for a 20 min episode and are just trying to pull it till the end. The episode begins with the voice of future […]

By Manas Kinra On 28 Sep, 2012 At 11:47 PM | Categorized As Television Shows | With 0 Comments

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, the world’s most watched television show, aired the first episode of its last season(eighth) on 24th of September, where it is quite expected that Ted Mosbey (Josh Radnor) will meet the mother of his children who are obviously bored now listening to their dad’s love story for past 7 years. […]

By Manas Kinra On 5 Sep, 2012 At 12:52 AM | Categorized As Television Shows | With 0 Comments

With Indian television taking a new road these days, running away from same age-old stories and drama and trying to focus more on social issues, a daily soap with such known story line, ‘Balika vadhu‘, broadcasted on ‘Colors’  is seen to be at the peak of its graph. It’s one of  the   situations where nobody […]