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By Guest Blogger On 4 Dec, 2015 At 02:23 PM | Categorized As Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music | With 0 Comments

If you are an electronic music enthusiast and wish to learn the tricks of creating electronic music, you should consider enrolling into an effective and relevant course. This professional course would help you achieve your dream. You would acquire fundamental digital music production skills that would be quite helpful in all your future projects across […]

By Guest Blogger On 31 Jul, 2013 At 02:28 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Music | With 0 Comments

This is an Ode to the Metal Lords [contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]‘It’s almost like your heavens trying everything to keep me out’ The lyrics of a song put to life by a band, I listen to it carefully as my hand slides through the screen and I press replay. Carried away again into a world of […]

By Tanmay On 28 Sep, 2012 At 04:45 PM | Categorized As Music | With 0 Comments

The event ‘Acoustic Night‘ is going to take place on the 30th of this month. This is the interview which was given by Rohith of the band: Experiment gone wild MB: When did you do your first performance? Rohith: I performed first in a band when I was in my 9th class. However I started […]

By Tanmay On 26 Sep, 2012 At 03:22 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Music | With 0 Comments

As we mentioned earlier the band was formed by two different bands and is now called ‘Who are sane asylum’. Abhineet was representing the band and here is what he had to say: MB: For how long have you been playing in a band? Abhineet: It was about three years ago when I was in […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 19 Apr, 2012 At 07:04 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Music | With 1 Comment

Ever since I came across this oddly named band (What exactly does one mean by a bulletproof peach?!), I wanted to find out about them. When I came to know that the band started in Manipal, I took the opportunity to contact them and set up an interview! That was almost 15 months ago! Today […]

By Mahesh On 28 Mar, 2012 At 11:10 AM | Categorized As Entertainment, Music, Photography | With 0 Comments

Mahesh Mayuur our Photographer was there at the Kailasa concert. The atmosphere was electric as Kailash Kher and his band, Kailasa, belted out hit number after hit number for almost 2 hours. He managed to capture some incredible images at the Kasturba Medical College – Manipal Greens. Here are 15 incredible images from the Revels […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 27 Mar, 2012 At 09:53 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Music | With 2 Comments

Call him phenomenal, call him a rock star and call it a night. Kailash Kher  promised to woo the crowd with his soulful voice, make them sway to his rhythm and give them something to remember for the rest of their lives. Playing live with his band Kailasa, at the KMC Greens, Manipal on MIT […]