Gravity and Captain Phillips

October 23, 2013 Guest Blogger 1

I watched two films yesterday, one in the morning, followed by a big nap and one in the evening. Some spoilers follow. See both, if you have time like I do. If you can only […]


Movie Review – Gravity

October 20, 2013 Sambit Dash 0

If there could be an antithesis of a movie title, this would be it. Gravity, which begins with three astronauts, one only with voice however, reduces to two in forty minutes and then for the […]


LunchBox – Not Oscar material

September 23, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

Lunchbox did not work for me. I might be the outlier here but I had high expectations and as is bound to happen – with high expectations come disappointments. The same did not happen with […]


Why did they remake Superman?

July 15, 2013 Guest Blogger 1

Have we run out of words, sentences, paragraphs and ideas. A man who wears his underwear outside will remain a man who wears his underwear outside though in the new one. I have heard he […]