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The holiday season is here! Without any argument, it is the best season to find a comfortable couch, a warm blanket and some chocolate brownies. Watching Game of Thrones or Netflix is indeed a great idea while snuggling up, but I’d rather watch frog documentaries. Why? Because these have taken me on an awesome trip […]

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Meet our Desi Superhero … here comes A Flying Jatt! 10 reasons to watch the film on Zee Cinema on 22 Oct@8PM 1. India’s first flying Superhero India’s first flying superhero – A Flying Jatt saves the day in the coolest way. Bestowed not only with this incredible superpower our man can also display some […]

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How often do we reminisce about our childhood friends? The naughty pranks we played on each other, the inside jokes, the endless hours spent together, the joyful celebrations at each others success – all these where the Asli yaari moments of our lives! Everyone dreams of having a true and faithful friend but not all […]

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What is common between the farmer’s son from Kerala, who took to sports at the age of six; a sprinter who had to literally run to get a pair of shoes because she comes from a poor family of weavers and the girl from Tripura who performs the extremely risky Produnova, which is considered the […]

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Film Review: Madaari Date: July 22 2016 Director: Nishikant Kamath Cast: Irrfan Khan, Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Shergill Rating: **** Irrfan Khan in a lead role, in any movie, guarantees a good time at the movies. Coupled with some solid actors like Jimmy Shergill and a blockbuster director of Drishyam fame, Nishikant Kamath, you would be  […]

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Intercollegiate rivalry, Departmental face-offs and playful matches between friends,Sportz Quake 2016 saw it all. It was an action-packed, fun-filled and adrenaline fueled five days providing nail-biting entertainment to all present, which finally came to an end on 16th February. Sportz Quake is an annual sports fundraiser held at Sharada Courts, organized by the Social Welfare […]

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If you are an electronic music enthusiast and wish to learn the tricks of creating electronic music, you should consider enrolling into an effective and relevant course. This professional course would help you achieve your dream. You would acquire fundamental digital music production skills that would be quite helpful in all your future projects across […]

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When it comes to start something new, it is common that you may have some questions and doubts about that particular task. Here, we are going to discuss the points you should know about playing rummy before you start. Online Rummy is Similar to Offline One – More or less, online rummy is almost as […]

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100 Crore club Bollywood movies are now passé! With marketing at its best, budgets as big as star power and fan following bigger than ever, some Bollywood movies went on to break all the 100 crore club box office records and instead set a revolutionary standard i.e. 200 crore club! ‘3 idiots’ was the first […]

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Telugu film industry’s superstar, Prabhas is a 6 feet 2-inch giant who has recently played the title role in Bahubali. The Tollywood hero has worked really hard on his body after he bagged this role. He was trained by Laxman Reddy, who was the Mr. World 2010 bodybuilder champ. Prabhas had to work out daily […]