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By Aastha Dubey On 11 Jul, 2013 At 10:14 AM | Categorized As Columns, Insight | With 0 Comments

A sweet sixteen party is a coming of age party celebrating a girl’s sixteenth birthday. Although this is a culture in North America , but it would be a mistake to leave it confined only to that place. As the trends today are evident that teenagers are involved so intensely in all parameters of western […]

By Aastha Dubey On 10 Jul, 2013 At 11:25 PM | Categorized As Columns, Insight | With 0 Comments

Why this season all you need are some floral prints? Why you can’t stop gazing those bold colors or why your eyelids just freeze when those dazzling bangles exhibit their poise? All the violets, greens and reds are in vogue!! The cool breeze that swipes your hair from your forehead to your eyes; drizzling that […]

By Aastha Dubey On 17 May, 2013 At 02:03 PM | Categorized As Columns, Featured, Insight | With 0 Comments

“Maa tell me na, how was I when small??” “Consistently you ask me the same question betu, tell me what you wanna know..” “Something which you never told me mumma…” It was February…Pleasant weather and time for our way in a new journey. You were in my arms and that was the only time when […]

By Aastha Dubey On 29 Dec, 2012 At 11:04 PM | Categorized As Columns, Insight | With 0 Comments

The eyes are an ocean in which her dreams are reflected. Her charm is commendable of essence which she upholds in her heart. Her glamour renders you ecstatic. Each footstep leaves your heart throbbing and that smile which leaves you delighted. The poise endorses her dignity and that undeviating look leaves you thrilled. Are you […]

By Aastha Dubey On 15 Dec, 2012 At 01:25 AM | Categorized As Columns, Insight | With 0 Comments

“I am calling you from last 1 hour. Why are you not receiving the call?” “I was busy.” “Oh so you mean everything else is more important than me.” “Why are you making such a big deal out of it?” “Fine. Every word of mine sounds like a complain to you.” Have you ever noticed […]

By Aastha Dubey On 17 Nov, 2012 At 01:39 PM | Categorized As Insight, Thoughts | With 1 Comment

“Do you see the truth in what I am saying? Are you alive? Do you feel the flow of love in your veins? If you do not feel that flow, if the throbbing of love in your heart has ceased, then you should understand well that you are not really alive at all.” Think about […]

By Aastha Dubey On 10 Nov, 2012 At 06:52 PM | Categorized As Insight | With 0 Comments

I couldn’t sleep that night. Not because I was away from home instead I wanted this night to end as soon as possible. At that time I was unaware of that spark in me which was not letting me sleep. How it feels when every morning you wake up with a new wish. Unwillingly you […]

By Aastha Dubey On 3 Nov, 2012 At 01:54 PM | Categorized As Insight | With 0 Comments

Every relation in our life has a different expectation from us or simply I should say a new demand. Career may be a concern for parents, sacrifices for the younger ones, care for your lover, time for your friends, and many more no end. How to get so many qualities in just one being??? As […]

By Aastha Dubey On 27 Oct, 2012 At 04:24 PM | Categorized As Insight | With 0 Comments

Jeet, was someone who induced in me the sense of true friendship. Someone always there to drag me on the right way without even making me cognizant. His innocent words were strong enough to convince me. The one with whom my giggling sessions never ended is Raj. Distance is not at all worthy to built […]

By Aastha Dubey On 20 Oct, 2012 At 07:18 PM | Categorized As Insight | With 0 Comments

Everything in our life begins as an experience and ends as the same, whether good or bad, it matters a lot. The true struggle in our life starts as soon as we adopt our own way of living. As long as we live the way as our family or friends or people want us to […]