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By ManipalMonk On 12 Apr, 2016 At 11:51 AM | Categorized As Columns, Manipal Monk | With 0 Comments

Plants gracefully adapt to change. And so do most living creatures! Transition is a normal part of the life cycle for all living things. But we make the change process far more difficult than it needs to be. We fight and kick our way through it, even if the transition is one we’ve initiated! The […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 28 Oct, 2015 At 10:01 AM | Categorized As A Doctor's Diary, Columns, Featured | With 0 Comments

“Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Often I find myself in the usual conundrum of seeking a simple life. Well I do not mean a frugal life or a straight line with a certain predictable pattern. I mean, like everyone, […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 26 Sep, 2015 At 03:35 PM | Categorized As A Doctor's Diary, Columns | With 0 Comments

I have lost the gift-the gift of god – to express, to write my heart out, to fill the paper with multitude of words. I have become a redundant writer. I realized this in the morning today when I wasn’t elated at the sight of a blank writing pad and a bottle of Boheme L’aime […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 24 Sep, 2015 At 07:21 PM | Categorized As A Doctor's Diary, Columns | With 0 Comments

There is a brown mist in the air. like smoke, it curls. lazily, slats across the way. Slithering to escape, a miasma of vapor clogs the turnstiles. I am trapped. the memories emerge, like ghosts resurrected. Now I hear a voice. was that a name or an echo of times gone by? I shake this […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 14 Sep, 2015 At 03:55 PM | Categorized As A Doctor's Diary, Columns, Featured | With 0 Comments

It’s been almost a year since I received my MBBS final results, passing them first class. The internship has been up and down and I’ve gained some experience on handling the patients and emergencies that arise. It’s time to reflect and share what I feel the medical professionals, especially new doctors should know about the […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 11 Sep, 2015 At 09:07 PM | Categorized As A Doctor's Diary, Columns | With 1 Comment

Every now and then we hear stories of miracle workers, Doctors who pull of miracles and bring back patients from the dead. God. That’s what people label them as. I differ. A doctor is not God. I want to share a few experiences from my Internship days that will shed more light on this. During […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 9 Sep, 2015 At 08:01 PM | Categorized As A Doctor's Diary, Columns | With 0 Comments

Medical college is tough and when we pass through our clinical years, it is the toughest of all. Many of us want to be amazing doctors, but most of us do not have an idea about how to be one! Books don’t teach us to be an amazing doctor. It is our attitude and our […]

By Anuraag Baishya On 21 Feb, 2015 At 09:24 AM | Categorized As Art and Literature, Poetry, Rambling Thoughts | With 0 Comments

His mind was cultured for vicious activities, His passion criminal perfections and dual identities, His soul lingered on malicious immoralities, His goal to torture and destroy individualities. He stood on the gateway with a loaded gun, He opened the gate just after the setting of the sun. He walked quietly, his target he would stun, […]

By Karan Gera On 6 Feb, 2015 At 12:01 AM | Categorized As Columns, The Angst-Ridden Soul | With 0 Comments

It was dawn of the 20th century. The old plantation worker had just returned home from a hard day’s work. He sat down on the grass, under that small shelter he’d built and picked up his old guitar. Memories of his dead wife and the struggles they faced flooded his mind and strumming it slowly, […]

By Karan Gera On 15 Sep, 2014 At 06:30 PM | Categorized As Columns, The Angst-Ridden Soul | With 2 Comments

Human beings are a queer species. An advanced one, no doubt, but peculiar nonetheless. From the day we’re born till we arrive at death’s door, we are conditioned, groomed and sculpted to suit the general norms of society. Society is what makes us an advanced species. It has facilitated our intelligence, driving us to the […]