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By Vishaal Bhat On 13 Feb, 2017 At 12:38 PM | Categorized As Environment, Featured, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

How often do we blame others for the things that are wrong with the world today? Be it the rising pollution, the depleting fuel resources, or the water shortage we face every year. It is natural human tendency to wash our hands of errors/mistakes and blame others for the worsening situation, be it the environment […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 17 Dec, 2016 At 02:20 PM | Categorized As Books and Reviews, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

Title:  CAT Race Language: English Author: Hriday Ram Shenoy Genre:  Fiction/ Business & Economics Publisher: 2016 December 2016 ISBN – 10: 1946280968 ISBN-13: 978-1946280961 Binding: Paperback Price: Rs. 199 (Buy from Amazon) Pages: 176 Review Synopsis: CAT Race is a delightful and breezy read on the situations that a CAT aspirant faces. For a […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 12 Dec, 2016 At 10:15 AM | Categorized As Health and Fitness, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

Unless their backs are giving trouble, people take it for granted that their backs are in good shape. Almost eight persons out of ten suffer from acute backache at least once in their lives. About 60 per cent of backache sufferers belong to the age group of 21-40 years. In other words, backache strikes persons […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 20 Oct, 2016 At 03:42 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Movie Review | With 0 Comments

Meet our Desi Superhero … here comes A Flying Jatt! 10 reasons to watch the film on Zee Cinema on 22 Oct@8PM 1. India’s first flying Superhero India’s first flying superhero – A Flying Jatt saves the day in the coolest way. Bestowed not only with this incredible superpower our man can also display some […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 2 Sep, 2016 At 07:53 AM | Categorized As Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

How often do we reminisce about our childhood friends? The naughty pranks we played on each other, the inside jokes, the endless hours spent together, the joyful celebrations at each others success – all these where the Asli yaari moments of our lives! Everyone dreams of having a true and faithful friend but not all […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 23 Aug, 2016 At 02:05 PM | Categorized As Health and Fitness, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

One of the drawbacks of our education system is that most of us are not trained to be financially knowledgeable. We are experts in the areas of our graduation and post-graduation, but when it comes to managing our investments and wealth correctly, we don’t do so well! Life though is so full of surprises, and […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 11 Aug, 2016 At 06:09 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Sports | With 0 Comments

What is common between the farmer’s son from Kerala, who took to sports at the age of six; a sprinter who had to literally run to get a pair of shoes because she comes from a poor family of weavers and the girl from Tripura who performs the extremely risky Produnova, which is considered the […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 27 Jul, 2016 At 11:20 PM | Categorized As Entertainment, Movie Review | With 0 Comments

Film Review: Madaari Date: July 22 2016 Director: Nishikant Kamath Cast: Irrfan Khan, Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Shergill Rating: **** Irrfan Khan in a lead role, in any movie, guarantees a good time at the movies. Coupled with some solid actors like Jimmy Shergill and a blockbuster director of Drishyam fame, Nishikant Kamath, you would be  […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 7 Jul, 2016 At 07:37 PM | Categorized As Health and Fitness | With 0 Comments

People in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and India actively tried to offer eyecare and cure eye diseases. Cataract and glaucoma were the two main diseases that had established cures in those days. The rapidly advancing technology has made surgical visual correction a safe reality for many people. LASIK Eye Surgery, or laser-assisted in situ […]

By Vishaal Bhat On 6 Jul, 2016 At 07:27 PM | Categorized As Social Media and Technology | With 0 Comments

So, Facebook and Twitter are ruling the social media numbers for a long time now. It is obvious that this monopoly will take some time to be broken and I was wondering if there are any other platforms that may be able to break this hegemony. I did a brief survey across a few platforms […]