Art and Literature

The sound in silence

July 24, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Floating in the air , like a lifeless feather So light and so free The gentle wind , of the sea and the earth Lifting my spirit to touch the heavens Into the darkness , […]

Art and Literature


July 12, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Calm and clean, my mind Time before her pretty sight Streamlined thoughts , sleep of solace Peace in my eyes , without any fight The day I saw her , the day I left sanity […]

Art and Literature

A mirror of my own destiny

June 18, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Into the hazy darkness I see Pitch black and shiny Full of mystery A bottomless pit , I thought But instead a mirror Glazing and silvery As cold as the first snow A blurred image […]

Art and Literature

Your love, my salvation

May 11, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

How far and beyond should I see That in your existence I believe , Might you be an Angel Might you be a myth The notion of your voice I cling on to , Every […]


The Uncivilized Indian

May 4, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Millions of years in evolution and thousands of years in developing our culture, we have established pretty well that we are far more evolved than any other beings on this planet in every possible way. […]

Art and Literature


May 2, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Of this world and of this skin Of flesh and blood I am Feet on the ground , thoughts of the stars Stuck in reality and chained with humanity Screams my immortal soul To be […]

Art and Literature

The wounded wings

April 8, 2015 Sravan Chenji 0

Anchored to the ground Like a trapped Phoenix I flap my wings, trying to break free I scream out my pain, hoping for freedom Thoughts flying around Poking, agonising Saddening and bleeding The blue skies […]