A Brief Respite VI

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D Time of Day : 6: 50 pm Lens: 70-300mm Focal Length: 119 mm Exposure:  1/500 F Number :  f/4 ISO: 200 The breeze sweeping through our hair, The kind sunshine streaming […]


A Brief Respite: Manipal never fails III

The ubiquitous end. Long classes, dry classes, happy classes, not-so-happy classes, surprise tests, long-drawn out assignments, group work, role play, submissions, presentations, competitions, commitments, cultural activities, committee responsibilities and the list goes on.  Sleeping early, […]


Episode 2012

Technically the first ice-breaker. The first bridge built between the battle weary veterans and the green-horns entering the portals of a premier B-School . Scouting for talent, urging the new-comers to shed their inhibitions, applying […]


Hanumangundi | July 1 2012

This was one of the rides that will have the purists, the operationally efficient, the OCD possessed, the travel paranoid go nodding their head in savage I-told-you-so nods. It had been a while (we didn’t […]