Questionable Path – International Centre for Applied Sciences

Every student who dreams to study abroad, goes through a tough time deciding which university to choose based on many factors. Students who seek to pursue an undergraduate degree abroad, need to be prepared both mentally and academically before being able to study on foreign lands. MAHE offers a program which caters to this need by giving the guidance and support to achieve this success abroad.


Straight Outta Manipal: The Fresher’s Guide to Engineering

As most of you’ve probably come to know by now, Engineering is not without its fair share of diversity. What started out as 4 core concepts of Applied Science has bolstered a wide array of different fields of engineering for different applications that humans have come to use in the past few decades. MIT Manipal, not one to sit behind and let others take over, in its 61 years of existence, has made some pretty bold strides in the development of technology and the curriculum needed for said technology. Here is a short guide to all the different branches in MIT Manipal.


The Dead Echoes

The echoes …reflections of my very thoughts Some went unheard And some were lost… The black waters…I thought to be me Which now flows by And nobody sees… Though dead to the world, Those shadows have a life Of the