Small Flirting Tips For Men

March 27, 2017 ManipalMonk 0

Do men think that only women have the control in dating when it comes to who chooses whom? Well then, we want to tell all those men that you can dominate over as well by […]


New creations

May 9, 2014 ManipalMonk 0

It is good to remember our achievements. It is good to remind ourselves ever so often of the improvements we have made in our lives. But just as it is unproductive to dwell on the […]


Oh, to be like you!

May 2, 2014 ManipalMonk 0

Is there anyone in your life, or maybe someone you do not know, that you admire very much? Recognizing role model qualities in someone else, and using that as a yardstick, is one good way […]


The empty nest

August 17, 2013 ManipalMonk 0

Every now and then we learn of some relative or friend wanting a divorce after 10 or 25 or 30 years of marriage. The question is usually, What has gone wrong after all these years? […]


Reading, an essential skill

August 10, 2013 ManipalMonk 0

In the home, as in the school, example is a far more powerful influence than mere precept. Children are good copy cats, so where mother, father or other adult in a home reads with obvious […]


A Man of Perfection

May 17, 2013 ManipalMonk 0

One is not known to be a Man of Perfection, if he possess wealth alone and lacks Wisdom of the Wise man. One is known as a Man of Perfection, if he possesses Wisdom of […]