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Drug Addiction

September 14, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

When were given drugs they are meant to ease the pain or help make you better, but in this case they turn people into an addict. Drug addiction is a dependence on a street drug […]

Health and Fitness

How to Fight Depression?

September 13, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

If teenagers have been feeling depressed for a long time then something has to be done about it because depression does not go on its own. 1. Practice breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga is very […]


Punishment worthy Beauty Sins

September 12, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

1. Sleeping without cleansing: For teenage girls who wear make-up, it is essential to remove all the make-up before going to sleep. Otherwise skin becomes prone to allergies and breakouts. Even teen girls who do […]

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Getting a Tattoo Done

September 11, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

For most teenagers tattoos are a very popular body decoration. It could be considered an interesting way of self-expression. A tattoo is a wound made in your skin, which is filled with ink. It is […]

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11 Foot Care tips for you!

September 9, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

Wash your feet with water every day. Use anti bacterial soap and scrub with a loofah. It is important to dry your feet completely with a towel because they leftover moisture is a breeding ground […]

Health and Fitness

The Perfect Way to Shampoo your Hair

September 8, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

There’s a procedure you can follow to avoid breaking your hair strands while shampooing. Here’s how. • Thoroughly drench the hair for 30-60 seconds before you apply shampoo – you will need less products, washing […]


How to Get Great Eye Lashes

May 21, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

For those of you with skimpy lashes try these tips: Daytime ritual: 1)Powder your lashes before applying your mascara. This will give the liquid something to cling to and will make it last longer. 2) […]