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By Madhushri Mudke On 21 Jan, 2017 At 03:23 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

A team of scientists have recently unearthed a large aquatic frog from the Western Ghats of India. The frog is reported from three sites on the coasts of Karnataka, including Herga village near Manipal. This frog calls like a bird and probably this is the reason why it has been ignored all these years. In […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 6 Jan, 2017 At 11:14 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

Heartfelt thanks to each and every participant of “Frogs of Manipal’ club. We are now a brilliant gang of 133 frog lovin’ members! This informal club was created in October 2016 and team Frogs of Manipal (FoM) has made some awesome discoveries since then. So on this first Friday of 2017, let’s recap everything that […]

The holiday season is here! Without any argument, it is the best season to find a comfortable couch, a warm blanket and some chocolate brownies. Watching Game of Thrones or Netflix is indeed a great idea while snuggling up, but I’d rather watch frog documentaries. Why? Because these have taken me on an awesome trip […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 18 Dec, 2016 At 09:42 PM | Categorized As Education, Featured, Lifestyle, Travel and Leisure | With 0 Comments

In many human cultures around the world, frogs have long been associated with fertility and breeding. This is because of their association with life-giving water. Right from Egypt to India to the Mayan region in North America, people have considered frogs to be the symbols of fertility. Heqet, an Egyptian goddess of fertility is represented […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 1 Dec, 2014 At 02:38 PM | Categorized As Featured, Lifestyle, Travel and Leisure | With 2 Comments

Bird-watching needs no introduction. Listed among the most pleasurable and well liked hobby this is a wonderful way to step outdoors to experience some of the earth’s greatest flying wonders. An addictive hobby enjoyed equally by children, youth as well as the old. Given below are some of the wonderful reasons for watching the bright […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 8 Mar, 2014 At 04:02 PM | Categorized As India and World, Lifestyle | With 0 Comments

What is a woman, a lady, a girl? Who is she? What comes to your mind first when you a see a lady dressed in brilliant salwar-kameez cross a road right in front of you or what comes to your mind when you see a lady standing at a bar asking for drink and just […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 7 Feb, 2014 At 11:04 PM | Categorized As Featured, Miscellaneous | With 2 Comments

  Yes, I know what you all are thinking when it comes to this awesome tagline. However here I am not going to talk about any beer brands but birds. This line goes best with the gorgeous bird “Kingfisher” which I will be discussing.   Often as children we are exposed to this colorful bird. […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 22 Dec, 2013 At 09:27 AM | Categorized As Featured, The Manipal Experience | With 0 Comments

Wagtails are wonderful small, not very small, medium-sized birds which are named so because of continuous waggling of their tail. They are slightly pale less colored birds unlike other bright and vibrant ones. What makes them super cute is the distinctive wagging tail as they perch. The tail goes up and down, up and down, […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 28 Nov, 2013 At 12:23 PM | Categorized As Environment, Featured, Lifestyle, Travel and Leisure | With 2 Comments

When I was a kid nothing fascinated me more than flying high so much so that I was an inch close from becoming an air hostess thinking that she gets to fly for free. But then I landed into medical profession out of nowhere but that’s another long story. I have been dreaming of the […]

By Madhushri Mudke On 24 Nov, 2013 At 09:07 AM | Categorized As Featured, Manipal Life, The Manipal Experience | With 2 Comments

When I say my hobbies are bird watching and bird photography people make funny blank faces, like I have said pornography or something,  their eyes pop out they start giving me unwanted smiles, to me that’s because I feel I always come across humans with satyriasis and nymphomaniasis. For people who don’t know what I […]