Financial Planning for College

In the day of state-wide lotteries, students don’t realize it but more college funding and educational scholarships are available than ever before. There are a lot of reasons you won’t receive those and the main reason is because you won’t


The Power of Compounding

AT THE HEART of sound investment theory is a simple calculus known as the Power of Compounding. I know – it sounds like the punch line to a joke you might overhear at a CPA convention. But believe me, there’s


Accepting Yourself

The process of accepting yourself as who you are and liking who you are as a person, is one of the most crucial steps to being accepted by another person in a social manner. Friends, Relationships and Group Discussions are

Health & Fitness

Teens and Alcohol

As we grow up, even as kids, everywhere we look we see advertisements for alcohol; we see our parents enjoying a glass of wine with their dinner and we hear people talking of the many ‘drunk’ occasions in which they