Investing 101: Overcoming the Inertia

June 20, 2017 Hoogar 0

JUDGING BY THE FACT you’ve taken the trouble to find this Web page, our guess is you don’t need a lot of convincing about the wisdom of investing. You’ve probably been beaten over the head […]

Being an Executive

How to Succeed in becoming an Executive

June 25, 2014 Hoogar 0

Some people are creative, others are competent manual laborers, others are coordinators,manipulators, in other words Executives. Training for the last classification comes not so much in school, as at school, from working in and on […]


10 Reasons Why men hate Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2013 Hoogar 1

Men hate Valentine‘s Day! Admittedly, no one really knows the facts about St. Valentine and how he became the (supposed) patron saint of lovers. But how he got the title doesn’t matter because Valentine‘s Day […]


Brains, Body or Bank Account?

January 28, 2013 Hoogar 0

What attracts you to a guy? Would you consider a fat guy only because his bank account is fat? Or does a man qualify once his body makes the grade, though his mind fails to […]


The stupid things people do

January 8, 2013 Hoogar 0

Have you ever done something so stupid that you ask yourself what the hell you were thinking about when you did it? Or you say, man I am a real fool, I cant believe that […]


Hoogar: Happy New Year my foot!

January 1, 2013 Hoogar 0

Since midnight last night, the expression ‘Happy New Year‘ would have been said and heard over and over. We will hear it for a few weeks in this month, after which it will disappear until […]


As a man drives, so is he

December 25, 2012 Hoogar 0

Whatever happened to the lot of “operations” that the police are supposed to be performing to surgically remove the nonsense from the roads? I happen to drive every day at all sorts of hours and […]


Vengeance is mine…

December 18, 2012 Hoogar 0

I am convinced that God is testing me and testing me severely. Now anybody who knows me would testify that I am not one to get angry and then rant and rave and carry on. […]


Hoogar at Manipal on Friday the 13th

September 27, 2012 Hoogar 1

Hoogar awoke that morning, yawned, and climbed out of bed. Not only out of bed, but out the window. That’s right two stories—straight down. It seems that the bed had rolled next to the window […]