Art & Literature

Utopia – Dhruv Arora

I dreamt that I dreamt of a different world, A world where pain was not a consequence Of love; A land where music unfurled Into colours; I dreamt of a different world.. A place afar where love was trivial, Compared

Art & Literature

Wonderland – Dhruv Arora

Skimming down and kissing the façade Was the stream, the concoction of eternal and perpetual magnificence Flashing in my eyes like an infant star All it reflected back to me was the assortment of my own sins And the solution

Art & Literature

Wonderland – Srishti Punjani

WE LIVE IN A WONDERLAND.We modernize, we diversify, we make leaps in technology, medicine , architecture and what not! But during all this make belief of happiness, we are headed towards a blind-ended doom. A doom where the human emotion


Renegade Angel – Gaurav Deka

Serendipity follows her like a shadow, unasked. So perfectly guised as a boon, though a curse She falters not once but a thousand times. Upon gilded edges of fatal deception. Abandons herself in a subterfuge of innocence, Allowing herself to