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5 Positive Things About Manipal

December 19, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

Keeping in mind that you’re probably a prospective to Manipal and reading this after having paid the first year’s fees, and are by now going “Oh shit oh shit oh shit”, here are a few good things […]

Hostels and Apartments

MIT Boys Hostel Review

December 18, 2011 Guest Blogger 1

With a huge increase in the intake of students at MIT, the college has recently put up new hostels, the majority of them being for guys. The reason I say “up” is because they are […]

Time management will be the key to ace the MAHE Medical ENAT
Freshers FAQ

KMC Manipal: MAHE Medical ENAT

December 10, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

Cracking the Manipal University Medical ENAT – The first step to becoming a doctor The Manipal University MAHE Medical ENAT is a fully computerized test which is common for MBBS, BDS and B.Pharma courses. This test […]

Hostels and Apartments

MIT Girls Hostel Review

December 9, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

1st and 2nd block MIT Girls Hostel Review [Non – AC, Common] Essentially, these are the blocks for ‘fucchas’, 1st block is mostly taken up by MITians, pushing the 2nd block slightly out of focus. […]


Kashmir Photo Feature

November 29, 2011 Guest Blogger 1

These images sent in to us by Mohd Syazwan Mohd Rosli in MMMC, Manipal.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.   If you would like your images to be featured on, please email your […]

Manipal Life

The 10 am to 10:30 am Break

November 13, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

We thought we’ll give you insight on what came up on our polls as the most famous/best part of college life. In every working day in Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), we get a half […]

FB Addiction and Social Life
Social Media and Technology

Facebook and Manipal

November 10, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

You are in Manipal? You don’t have a Facebook account? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? Yes, every single student here breathes Facebook. Eats Facebook. Drinks Facebook. Does Facebook. And if you are not on Facebook, get a life! Such […]