Ragging in Manipal

Planning your First Year of College in the Dorm

November 15, 2017 Alex 0

College life on campus offers students the opportunity to prove to everyone especially themselves that they have finally grown up. They have the opportunity to make decisions for themselves and are able to choose whether […]


Planning for College When You Live at Home

November 8, 2017 Alex 0

College students who plan to attend college while living at home have no idea of how to plan for college while living under their parent’s roof. For one thing, they want their independence and yet […]


How to Make a Perfect Conclusion

November 6, 2017 Alex 1

How to Write a Perfect Conclusion for Your Essay A perfect conclusion of an essay should be like a concise synopsis depicting the fundamental arguments in an article. It is not a summary of the […]


7 Tips for studying in a college

November 2, 2017 Alex 0

7 Tips for college students Whether you are fond of studying or not, studying is a very important part of a college life. Of course, if you want to be successful in studying, this would […]

Ragging in Manipal

How to be a Success in College

October 25, 2017 Alex 0

You can be a success in college, if you choose to be and plan for it. You need to know before you set off to college, that many students fail their first year because of […]


College Planning for the Adult Student

October 18, 2017 Alex 1

So you have decided to go back to college? Congratulations are in order! You have made a big decision to take back your educational rights and you should be proud of yourself. However, you need […]

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College and Career Choices

October 11, 2017 Alex 0

Choosing a college is often difficult if you don’t have any idea of what you want to do with your life. If you aren’t sure what you want to major in when you take off […]