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5 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2018

According to research, the average weight you can put on over the holidays is a pound or two. However, it can take months to shed it off. This means you need to start thinking about healthy eating each time the


10 Travel Tips for the Gimpy by a Gimpy

Broken legs, joint replacements, strokes, muscular diseases, heart problem, bad knees are but a few of the reasons for the gimpy travelers. Traveling is fun, tiring and educational for everyone. Those who have physical limitations, either permanent or temporary can


6 ways to the Perfect Vacation

Most of us look forward to our dream vacation. Some prefer exotic destinations like Bahamas, Miami, Maldives, others frequent their favourite hill station or beaches, while some of us just stay home, chill out and relax. An increasing trend is

Fashion and Beauty

Makeup For Redheads

What are some great makeup tips for those of us with red hair? My only rule for redheads is, toss out the green eye-shadow. Whether you have fair skin or dark, green shades don’t look nearly as flattering as a