Hostels Vs Couchsurfing

October 31, 2017 Travel Guru 0

I recently wrote a post on Hotels Vs Hostels. In my conclusion I decided that it really depends on what suits your own personal preferences, but overall hostels still remained on top for the budget […]

Food and Restaurants

Mumbai and good food

October 30, 2017 Guest Blogger 0

Mumbai as a city brings images of movies, a fast paced city and the local trains that power the multitude of its denizens. There is energy, life and productivity that is generally associated with Mumbai. […]


Manipal Monk: Dealing with Failure

October 28, 2017 ManipalMonk 0

When you are young you are full of ambition, goals, and dreams. You are told that the world is your oyster and that anything is possible. However the harsh reality is that things don’t always […]

MB Manipal

Manipal Auto Drivers Cheat Students

October 26, 2017 Guest Blogger 0

Auto drivers, In Manipal cheating students by extremely overcharging them than the actual fare price fixed by the government which is “Rs. 25 for 1.9km” is a very common trend, Since the auto drivers “Do […]

Ragging in Manipal

How to be a Success in College

October 25, 2017 Alex 0

You can be a success in college, if you choose to be and plan for it. You need to know before you set off to college, that many students fail their first year because of […]

Love is a beautiful thing. It energises you.

Parents, Curfews and Trust

October 21, 2017 ManipalMonk 0

We all come to a stage in our adolescence where we start going out by ourselves, and the inevitable argument begins to crop up again and again: that of wanting to stay out later, and […]