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Converses With My Mirror

April 24, 2017 Sushma Harish 0

            My tiny world of poetry is just a few words minced with my thoughts.  We all must have talked to our selves, to the mirror, sharing the heap of […]

How to exand your mind poster
Health and Fitness

10 Ways to expand your mind

April 19, 2017 Guest Blogger 0

The human mind is the special system that carries out the complex information processing. This system has a plenty of useful features. But there are many weakness and glitches in this information processing system. Fortunately, […]

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The Fairy Tale Park Of Doha

April 18, 2017 Sushma Harish 0

Why I Call the “Aspire Park” of Doha as Fairy Tale Land.  A perfect magical land; enchanting greens; the squirrels and the birds; the duck pond and those quack quacks greeting you with warmth; the […]

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Health and Fitness

How to Get Super Soft Hands

April 16, 2017 ManipalAkka 0

Because of all the chemicals that we come in contact with, our hands tend to get dry. Washing your hands often only makes matters worse. To soften dry hands: 1) Use protective gloves when cleaning. […]


Communication Secrets Revealed

April 15, 2017 ManipalMonk 0

As a teenager, you might wonder why some people are successful in becoming people’s magnet when others are a failure at this. What is it that makes these people stand out in front of an […]

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A Doctor's Diary

Medical Notes: High Blood Pressure

April 15, 2017 Vishaal Bhat 0

High blood pressure is one of the three most important risk factors for coronary artery disease and heart attacks. As far as strokes or brain attacks are concerned, all physicians and scientists agree that high […]