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Appendectomy: What you need to know?

July 30, 2016 Guest Blogger 0

The inflammation caused to the appendix is called as appendicitis. Appendix is the three and a half long tube like tissue which extends from large intestine. The exact use of appendix is not known and […]


Democracy of the Offended

July 21, 2016 Mahesh 0

A while back  ‘INTOLERANCE’ was a buzz word in India and now I understand what it actually referred to. No, It is not Religion Intolerance that India is suffering from. We, my dear friends, are […]



July 21, 2016 Tanmay 0

They say that your room reflects what’s going on in your mind. Now I’ve been to countless rooms in my life. Some extraordinarily beautiful and some just plain dull. But there was this one room […]