MIT Manipal Internet Connection

One of the most important thing in a hostel is the internet connection. So I thought why not have a post on MIT Manipal Internet Connection since I have nothing better to do.

Ok, so MIT Manipal Internet Connection is provided by i-on ( Routers are available in all hostels and in some areas around the campus. In some hostels, you have routers in every room, whereas in others, you have one common router for 2 or more rooms. Places where you have one router per room gives a higher speed obviously. Less the number of router per room, lower the speed usually (obviously). The speeds vary from block to block.

You are given 20 Gb free internet usage every month. Recently, they have introduced a much faster 5MbPS plan where for 600 bucks, you could get 60 Gb extra. That’s Rs 20 for 2 Gb per day, pretty cheap if you ask me. Also, let’s say you want just 30 Gb data, buy the plan halfway through the month and you have to pay 300 Rs for 30 Gb (you get the idea).

But the best part of the MIT Manipal Internet Connection is that it’s apparently not censored. There are no firewalls, no restrictions whatsoever. Don’t listen to what anyone tell you, you can download movies from piratebay, or watch anything else, no one cares.

Speed is good in every block,the difference comes on the basis of where is your room located and other factors like the number of people using internet at that particular time.

A lot can be said about internet connectivity in Manipal which is not coming into my head now, so if you have any queries, drop them down below and let a senior help you out.

PS: I have to always get the 60 Gb thing, but that runs out too, then I borrow my neighbors, and then there’s always the local students who have no use of the internet. 🙂

About the Author: Arvind Sasikumar is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal and also works at Neo-Nova Marketing Solutions as a web-developer. He is passionate about music and plays the guitar and piano.

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