Mother’s Day!!

An epitome of Love, and a symphony of affection, And, the urge to always be there in any petrifying situation. A person to groom one’s innocence, Discretion of care, and an ocean of support and patience. Unambiguously having an inherently


The Uncivilized Indian

Millions of years in evolution and thousands of years in developing our culture, we have established pretty well that we are far more evolved than any other beings on this planet in every possible way. I agree. But only on

Art & Literature


Of this world and of this skin Of flesh and blood I am Feet on the ground , thoughts of the stars Stuck in reality and chained with humanity Screams my immortal soul To be liberated To be enlightened It


The sky won’t fall if we fail!

Some situations become almost farcical when they should be sad. A couple called urgently for a meeting. “It is about our son”. This was not uncommon. But what followed was something that I was totally unprepared for. “Our son failed.”