Art and Literature


Balance. Equilibrium. Stability. Words that we constantly hear from everyone, asking us to practice and attain in life. Every time we go through pain, a constant reminder to us, by someone with better experience of […]

Health and Fitness

The sinus headache

Because of the many advertisements for sinus pills, we have come to assume that most headaches are associated with sinus problems. This is not the case. Sinus headaches usually begin after a person is up […]

Manipal Life

Fireflies at End Point

The evening I have described in the below narrative happened around March-April 2014. I do not remember the exact date. The reason I am writing about that evening is because it was breathtaking and I […]

Art and Literature

My trapped soul

Brittle than the broken glass Colder than the darkest night, Forever in my eternal fight Lies my soul in grated chalice; Chained in my thoughts Restrained by my ideals, Screams my soul to be free […]