Vacation Meal Plans

November 27, 2014 Guest Blogger 0

Depending on the type of vacation you are planning, you will want to consider whether you are looking for an all-inclusive or standard trip. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, each can be made […]

Art and Literature

Lost in the shadows

November 20, 2014 Sravan Chenji 0

In the shadows I walk through Darkness all around No voice to be heard No soul to be seen Emptiness in my heart With nothing to fill, Void my conscience With no thoughts to flow […]

Art and Literature

The Memoirs of My Memories by Kabir Jain

November 19, 2014 Guest Blogger 0

Memories noted,unnoted,sweet,bitter,old and young In mind, in words, in frames there they hung Of our times eternal in history,ballads so clearly they sung Future is never the facade of memory, how you wish it to […]


The Hunting Party Reviews: Just Bake

November 18, 2014 Vrinda 0

Chocolate is one addiction that is not condemned. Well, not yet. I would probably go into withdrawal if I didn’t get my daily dose of chocolate. I live on chocolate. How about death by chocolate? […]